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Kennel Bella Volpino is breeding the rare breed Volpino Italiano.

I got my first Volpino in 2007, and it just had to be a family dog. But then we just had to try a dogshow … and it went quite well … so since then, there are not many exhibitions in DKK or SPK we’ve missed: o) I’ve gone through DKK’s statutory breeder education in 2010 and is a member of DKK and Spidshundeklubben (SPK – The special club Volpino belongs to) it is voluntary for our puppy buyers if they want to join DKK, but there are many advantages ex. the magazine “Hunden”.


We attend a lot of dogshows with our dogs, it’s a fun hobby and the dogs get to go out a lot and meet other dogs and people. My oldest daughter Sara has also competed a lot in both couple class and Seniorhandling (She was juniorhandler of the year in 2010 and seniorhandler of the year 2011 in Spidshundeklubben)