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Bella Volpino's Prince Charming
Pet name: Keeper
DNA Tested: PLL clear
Patella Luxation: 0/0

(Keeper is my own breed from Oeyangens Era and Italian Lomincello del colle degli ulivi)


Danish Junior Champion

Danish Club Junior Champion

German Junior Champion

German Junior Club Champion

Dutch Junior Champion

Luxembourg Champion

Dark Dell'Antonazzo
Pet name: Buster
DNA Tested: PLL Clear
Patella Luxation: 0/0

(Imported from Italy, in February 2016)

Danish Junior Club Champion

Europa Junior Winner 2016

German Junior Champion

German Junior Club Champion

Polish Junior Champion

Belgian Junior Champion

BeNeLux Junior Winner (BE) 2016

Bundessieger 2016

Herbstsieger 2016

Rostock Juniorsieger 2016

Danish Junior Winner 2016

Danish Winner 2016

Polish Junior Winner 2016

DKK breed Winner 2016 (Top Volpino in Denmark 2016)

Danish Champion

German Champion

German Club Champion

Bali Dell’Antonazzo
Pet name: Bali
DNA tested: PLL clear

(Imported from Italy April 2014)

Danish Champion

Italian Champion

Norwegian Champion

Dutch Champion

German Champion

German Club Champion

Polish Champion

Luxembourg Champion

BeNeLux Winner NL 2015

BeNeLux Winner LU 2017

VDH-Sieger Leipzig 2015

German Winner 2015

Poland Winner 2015

Vereinssieger 2015

Bundessieger 2015

Herbst-Sieger Dortmund 2015

Sieger Baden-Württemberg 2015

Sieger Karlsruhe 2015

VDH Winner of the Year 2015

Other results:

3. place in group 5, Bremen 2015

3 x Schönste spitz des tages on German shows.